Saturday, February 28, 2009

Welcome new Cantus bloggers

Hi, gang:

wanted to take a moment to welcome the new bloggers and readers out there at Cantus Tales.  If you didn't know, I have been the voice of Cantus' Tales From the Road and other blogs since 2004.  I will continue to post under my own name, but the mantle is finally being passed to the group at large, which will mean many more stories, lots more information about life in Cantus, and hopefully a lot more fun for you as well.  

I look forward to reading about the adventures and lives of my compatriots, and I hope you will too.  



I'm posting from Oneonta, New York, where we, just earlier today, had some educational outreach with various groups around town. We also had a great first concert of the tour there, with an estimated 800 people in attendance, and an encore request to boot (we sang one of our favorites, Biebl's Ave Maria). Above is a picture of the church, and in the distance you can see Tim tuning his autoharp for the concert. The acoustic of the First United Methodist Church was certainly a lot of fun to work in, considering we sing pieces like Lux Aurumque or Deep River. And it was nearby some great places to eat, like the Autumn Cafe or a diner called "Corfu". Here we are preparing for the concert...and our large Corfu yesterday evening!

Speaking of food, we definitely won't forget our choice of restaurant for dinner on our way to Oneonta! It had been a long first day of tour, between a layover in Milwaukee (or Atlanta for Chris) to the three hour drive from La Guardia. We had difficulties in choosing where to eat, but by the time we really NEEDED to eat there was nothing around! So we decided to stop at a Chinese Restaurant in the middle of nowhere...we took some pictures and ate huge plates of food...

Now we're moving on to Poughkeepsie, where we'll have a masterclass and a concert tomorrow at Vassar College. Check back soon for updates!