Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Check out the pop podcast

Hi, Cantus fans:

just wanted to make sure you knew about this and next weekend's pop shows. Here's a new podcast featuring Tenor Paul Rudoi, bass Chris Foss, and Podcast host Aaron Humble:

Pop Podcast 2009

See you at the Ritz!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cantus Covers!

Hello All,
We've been busy at work getting ready for our Covers Concerts, June 5-6, and June 12-14 (tickets), and it's just been a blast. We always enjoy being rockers for a day (or two weekends in this case). And Gary doesn't even have to turn on his PlayStation 2 (a failed attempt at humor suggesting that he plays way too much Guitar Hero). 
Nay, the guitars are real, and so are the awesome collaborators we are working with. Here's a little impromptu sampling that I created entirely with my computer! Do forgive the poor sound, video quality, and/or nauseating cinematography, I hope it's just a fun peek into what we do in rehearsal. Don't forgive my hair's cameo. Go Mac!