Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Great Title Debate

For Cantus, marketing our product is everything. What is the Cantus product? Well, we hope it is wonderfully performed men's vocal music over a wide variety of genres and themes. But, like big for-profit companies, the question becomes How do we begin to market that product? When it comes to products like Recordings, the packaging helps to illuminate the themes present on the album. But what is really meant to grab the imagination is the Title! Recently, Cantus conducted a very informal survey of friends and family, gauging thoughts and interest in two different titles for an album we are recording this summer. We asked which of the two was most intriguing...and received equal votes for both. So, one time only on the Cantus blog, I'll pose the same question to you, faithful readers. The album is a collection of American Sacred music. Which of the two titles below is more representative of the American Sacred music theme, and which one 'intrigues you more':

1) That Eternal Day
2) A Love That Never Dies

Cantus is excited to see your responses. After all, our readers are our market! Please post responses below.