Thursday, December 3, 2009

All Is Calm: beginnings!

Hello Everyone!

After a week off for Thanksgiving, it's exciting to get back to blogging after the push. Remember though, even if you didn't have a chance to donate on November 17th,'s "Give to the Max" day, you can STILL donate to Cantus. Just visit Cantus' GiveMN page and go from there!

We started our major December tour several days ago, performing "All Is Calm: The Christmas Truce of 1914" for a sold-out audience at Texas A & M University in College Station. This marks our third year working on "All Is Calm", and the great thing about this production is that it never gets old. Here's a fan of Cantus on what she thought of the show:
"It was one of the best Christmas shows I've ever seen! I loved the history and the music, especially the way in which the show shared a true story I've never heard before. It combines Christmas spirit with a greater appreciation for the individual soldiers in WWI." - Jennifer
We, as the performers, seem to enjoy working on this show more and more each year. Despite it only being around an hour long, it is so effective. We've constantly had people talk about why they love it, whether at home or from our national another quote from Facebook:
"I saw it in Sioux Falls last December and it was wonderful. It really brought back the hope that is supposed to be what Christmas is representative of. The idea that in time of war the opposing sides could be at peace with each other provides a wonderful demonstration of peace which is what Christmas is all about. Can't wait to see it again this Christmas!" - Kylie
We're going to be performing "All Is Calm" again today, at California State University in Fullerton. They have a wonderful concert hall on campus there, where we performed last year's "While You Are Alive" tour program this past spring!

But blogging, in my opinion, wouldn't be complete without some sort of Cantus here's a video we took on our most recent "Elemental" tour of a chair in our hotel. The chair just "spoke" to Aaron...

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