Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lunch in St. Louis

Driving from Springfield, MO to Muncie, IN yesterday, we found ourselves in St. Louis at lunchtime. We decided to stop at a place called Frazer's in the Benton Park neighborhood, which proved to satisfy everyone's appetites. The weather was beautiful, so we even sat outside! A luxury virtually unheard of for March in Minnesota.
The sweet potato bread was the perfect amuse-bouche, whether one awaited the horseradish/pecan/breadcrumb-encrusted salmon over mustard sauce or the hearty, flavor-rich slice of chorizo/ground beef meatloaf, wrapped in bacon.
When you view their website, be sure to scroll through the daily-updated "specials" list... If you're not about to sit in a mini-van for five more hours, do yourself a favor and order from the daily-updated "desserts" list.
Oh, and sitting in front of the restaurant, one has a clear view of the Anheuser-Busch Brewery. You might want to schedule a walking tour after your meal. The health benefits of the walk notwithstanding (it's a big place, so you might actually get some exercise!), some would suggest that the end of the tour would also provide a satisfying finish to your gastronomic enjoyment that afternoon.

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